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The new corporate WhatsApp frontline.

Now WhatsApp is aligned with the industry's corporate network infrastructure security standards.
How can a corporate allow users to work with sensitive data on WhatsApp?

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Connect, Define, Manage.


With the WhatsIN vast cloud integration flexibility option, you can archive any incoming or outgoing preconfigured file types in real-time to your chosen digital vault, depending on your administrator behavior policies.

Simple and secure onboarding

Using the TerraZone Secure Email solution, your users will receive an OTP encrypted email containing a QR code to scan with the dedicated device, which is secure and easy.


DLP and True Type are the core solutions for defining the behavior enforcement workflow, deciding what incoming or outgoing file types to prevent from your users, choosing what string patterns to allow or disallow within your organization, and more abilities as an administrator are available.

Self management

Understanding your user's privacy and control is our top priority for a healthy business environment. Your users can control when to be monitored and with whom. The administrator can change this ability.

Learn, Integrate, Evolve.

Currently, WhatsApp is being used by over 2 billion users, and most likely, your employees are too. WhatsIN helps your business data remain protected.
The popular opinion is that to guard against a threat and remain protected, the popular application for internal organizational use should not be approved for fear of ransom attacks by downloading files / images that may contain malware or malicious graphic files into the organization - or for fear of leaking information from within the organization to the outside.
WhatsApp is the leading platform in the West. On the one hand, the widespread application is a substantial risk for any organization that wants to maintain its security - on the other hand. It is a huge business (and sometimes also human) barrier because today, more than ever, organizations require fast communication channels with the company employees and its customers. Hence, organizations find alternatives that do not meet the target according to the business and technological needs. Therefore the all-too-convenient option is avoided. It is required to correspond and transfer files through the most preferred application.
How can a corporate allow users to work with sensitive data on WhatsApp?

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