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With a variety of Multi Factor Authentication to fit any business requirement, protect your staff, partners, contractors, and consumers.

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Cyber Insurance MFA

While standard MFA solutions can cover some of the use cases required by cyber insurance, none can guard all of them. Insurance corporations state ransomware as one of their top concerns. We'll use it to demonstrate this claim – ransomware propagates in attacked networks using command line tools like PsExec, bash, and others. No other MFA solution can cover these access interfaces.
The patented truePass Hybrid Access MFA is the only solution that enforces MFA from the backend of identity providers rather than by agents or proxies on individual resources. In practice, TerraZone can protect with MFA any user account that authenticates to an on-prem or cloud directory in the network infrastructure environment.
Not only does truePass MFA protect internal and remote admin access in the on-prem environment, but it also enables customers to consolidate all their MFA protections in a single solution, making it a natural answer to cybersecurity compliance standards.

Hybrid Access patent

truePass MFA.

Multi MFA solution support

Enforce strong controls over your business application credentials, including layered access protections, role-based permissions, and user activity audits.

MFA for Legacy solutions

Good news from TerraZone, You can add MFA abilities to your application without heavy development time or labor costs. truePass Hybrid Access MFA can be implemented in a matter of hours and will always give you access to the latest MFA technologies.

MFA Protocol support

truePass MFA solution can operate within your existing IT infrastructure. For example, an MFA solution should comply with criteria such as Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) and Open Authentication (OATH). RADIUS is a networking protocol that provides centralized authentication, authorization, and analysis management for users who connect and use a network service. OATH is an open technology standard that enables solutions to deliver strong authentication of all users on all devices across all networks.

MFA Segmented Services

Nowadays, many SaaS systems provide MFA offerings like AWS or Azure Office 365 products. Office 365, by default, uses Azure Active Directory (AD) as its authentication system. And there are a few limitations. For example, you only have four basic options regarding what type of additional authentication factor they can use: Microsoft Authenticator, SMS, Voice, and Oauth Token. You also might have to spend more on licensing depending on the types of options you want available and whether or not you want to control exactly which users will need to use MFA. truePass MFA lets you take control of what users can access.
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